Who’s The Pop?

The Pop is the man behind the scene. He is a true champion.

Before mother nature can help us, we need the big daddy aka The Pop to help show us the best ways to toil and work our farm. He is constantly working to find ways to make life easier for us.

Hence why he is a bit tanned.

He doesn’t talk much. Most times only our Chief Ashaari understands what he says. Some plant language going on between the two of them.

With the help of Ashaari and The Pop, we are slowly unlocking great methods so that urban folks can experience the beauty and joy of growing your own food. Start small, start big, start failing and start succeeding. Key word is start. At least that’s the only English word he’s learnt so far.

Join The Pop in creating this revolution. Let’s put a farm in every house. It’s time to listen to your inner Pop. Let’s start!